Database Marketing

database marketing Database marketing is the most effective and profitable tool that you have available to you today.  All CRMs can analyze and interpret your customer data if you know how to access it and the data is being input correctly and consistently. Our team of CRM experts will help you access the data on the three primary lines of opportunities usually unmanaged in a dealership:
  1. Service Customer Opportunities
  2. Lease end opportunities
  3. In Equity Customers
Today’s customers expect personalized and highly relevant communications from your dealership. Using generic or irrelevant materials will quickly be skipped over and possibly cause the prospect to unsubscribe from your database. After identifying the opportunities in your CRM database, we can help you reach these customers with personalized, impactful marketing messages. Accountability & Real Results Every day, top dealers rely on AIM to provide Database Marketing Expertise to reach the right prospect with the right message. See how these dealers are putting AIM to work to ensure accountability and get correct data to make it useful.

Client Testimonial:

Our dealership was challenged with a lack of inventory, and the team at AIM helped us find opportunities to acquire pre-owned vehicles from within our existing database.