AIM is the Nation’s #1 Dealership Accountability Firm. It has helped hundreds of dealers control their operations and increase sales and profitability with proven processes requiring daily accountability.

Do you want to create a culture of accountability? AIM will help you:

Install processes that require daily accountability from your team;
Model the behaviors you want to see in your organization;
Request and consistently apply accountability standards equally to one and all – all the time – no favorites and no letting things slide;
Set your staff up to be successful by setting realistic goals and providing accountability tools and processes.
Facilitate monthly reviews;

Accountability is the difference between success and failure and can have a massive positive impact on performance and sales.’

Are you ready to enjoy the long-term benefits that accountability brings?

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Client Testimonial:

The AIM system holds people accountable. It starts at the top, and you’re going to want to invest in it to get the results you expect. It’s not something you can throw to the showroom, add to the showroom, or dictate that it’s suddenly being done. It takes involvement from the top to truly integrate. With that involvement, I can imagine you seeing instant results and planning for the obvious future where our industry is going.