CRM Auditing

A CRM audit is a time-consuming but valuable process that evaluates whether a CRM is being worked effectively. In every dealership today, the CRM is the principal repository for all sales opportunities via:

  • Phone up
  • Internet leads
  • Showroom traffic

What is a CRM audit?

A CRM audit allows you to review the effectiveness of your staff’s use of the CRM; consequently, these audits can vary in scope and depth. Here are the types of audits that AIM provides:

  • Data Audit focuses on whether the data contained within the CRM is accurate.
  • Usage Audit looks at how regularly sales teams are using CRM.
  • Fit-For-Purpose Audit will evaluate your CRM configuration (which can be set up in infinite ways) to determine if it meets your dealership’s specific needs.
  • Effectiveness Audit will review the overall effectiveness of the CRM.
CRM Audit

Client Testimonial:

Our CRM is the backbone of our sales process, and the AIM CRM audit helped us identify issues and then showed us how to correct them. If you are looking to find missed opportunities, then the CRM Audit will help you find them. Our closing ratio has improved across the board after the audit.