What to Ask a Vendor

Questions to ask a potential dealership consultant or trainer.

There are five things that you need to ask a potential dealership consultant before you hire them. There is an old saying, those who can do, do—those who cannot train. You can ask the following questions to help you identify the posers and find someone who can help your dealership grow.

Questions to ask:

  1. Have you ever worked in a car dealership?
  2. If yes, how long did you work there?
  3. If YES, what was your position?
    If NO – politely escort them to the door. If the consultant has never
    sold a car, what makes them think they are qualified to teach you or
    team anything?
  4. If YES – can I contact the dealership at which you worked?
    If NO, see above.
  5. What is an acceptable closing ratio for an internet department?