Database Management

Real Science, Real Results

There is a science to our process that starts with proper data organization. Our team has worked with all the major CRM providers and specializes in optimizing your data. Data optimization is the first step in our process and is critical for measuring success, building effective follow-up programs, and developing successful database marketing campaigns.

Your CRM is the heart of your dealership. With effective database management, you will be able to expand, optimize, segment, and activate your customer data across all marketing channels and platforms.

Car buyers are visiting fewer dealerships. In 2019, new car buyers visited five dealerships, and today, they are visiting 1, maybe two dealerships. Your CRM plays a critical role in lead management, and proper data organization will make it easier for your team to reach these buyers and provide effective involvement and oversight.

AIM will help you unleash the power of your data and provide you the ability to reach prospective buyers and potential sellers and bring them into your dealership. The AIM team will constantly evaluate the success of your marketing and help you increase engagement.

We are experts on the following CRM’s.  If your CRM is not listed, please contact us.

Client Testimonial

Since launching our partnership with AIM, our closing ratio on sales business has doubled to over 16%, and our store has gone from #41 to #17 in national sales rank. Our ROI has gone up, and our cost per sale has gone down. I know what is happening with every lead that comes into my store – I don’t need a Save-A-Deal meeting anymore. Most importantly, the AIM process gives me accurate, detailed, and complete metrics that I can see in real-time to gauge my progress and make corrections instantly – not wait until the end of the month to figure out what went wrong. It allows me to determine who on my staff is working leads properly and who isn’t.

Butch Otey, GM of Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles, Sterling VA