Accountability doesn’t happen just by chance; it has to be implemented. Are you ready to create a culture of accountability and enjoy the long-term benefits? Call today (949) 716-7716.

AIM is the Nation’s #1 Dealership Accountability Firm and has helped hundreds of dealers control their operations and increase sales and profitability. We boost sales and closing ratios by installing proven processes and providing daily accountability to ensure the procedures are followed. We increase sales and closing ratios by 2-5 times over the starting baseline while increasing gross profit.

AIM is not for every dealership because leadership defines your dealership’s culture, and if you want to create a culture of accountability, it starts with you. If we partner with you and start implementing the proven AIM accountability system, you need to model the behaviors you want to see in your organization. If you want people to take ownership, then you must be seen taking ownership.

The AIM Accountability process is complex, and it must always apply and to one and all. We cannot play favorites or let things slide with some people, and accountability must be consistently requested of everyone, all the time. If you choose to let one person ignore their responsibilities, then it opens the door for others to be selectively accountable too.

One of the keys to our long-term success is that we help you set your staff up to be successful. No one will take ownership and show accountability for something that they know or believe is going to fail. Setting realistic goals and providing the necessary tools is a critical piece.

Accountability is the difference between success and failure and is something that must be worked at. AIM provides a clear and consistent strategy for implementing accountability with your staff and facilitates the monthly, sometimes weekly, reviews. A clear plan will help you create a culture of accountability. Your team will start to hold itself and others accountable which will have a massive impact on performance and sales.


Client Testimonial:

The AIM system holds people accountable. It starts at the top, and you’re going to want to invest in it to get the results you expect. It’s not something you can throw to the showroom, add to the showroom, or dictate that it’s suddenly being done. It takes involvement from the top to truly integrate. With that involvement, I can imagine you seeing instant results and planning for the obvious future where our industry is going.