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Your CRM is the heart of your dealership.

AIM installs and enforces a strategy that follows basic sales principles applied to every sales opportunity to create a competitive advantage.

AIM is the Nation’s #1 Dealership Accountability Firm. 

AIM has helped hundreds of dealers control their operations and increase sales and profitability with proven processes requiring daily accountability.

CRM Organization

With over 18 years of hands-on experience, AIM will organize, optimize, manage your CRM and transform it into a high-octane sales generator.


AIM will work with your staff to develop the essential skills for success:

  • business process improvement
  • workflow efficacy
  • sales team effectiveness.
The AIM program is unique and has successfully transformed underperforming dealerships across the country into market leaders.

Proven CRM Process

  • Simplified Data organization
  • Installation of management process
  • Immediate opportunities identified
  • Contacts and Appointments increased
  • Improve sales performance

Training for Your Team

  • Roles and Responsibilities clearly outlined
  • Manager engagement and involvement
  • Improved CRM documentation
  • Full staff engagement
  • Sustainable performance improvement

Daily Accountability and Reporting

  • Accountability will achieve sustained results
  • AIM provides daily reporting on
    • Performance
    • Management engagement
    • Opportunity follow-up
  • Top-down reporting provided daily

AIM provides everything that you need to succeed. Proven processes combined with daily accountability.

CRM Auditing

A CRM audit is a time-consuming but valuable process that evaluates whether a CRM is being worked effectively. In every dealership today, the CRM is the principal repository for all sales opportunities via:

  • Phone up
  • Internet leads
  • Showroom traffic

CRM Custom Reporting

At AIM, we are experts on all the major CRM providers’ usage in the auto industry. We can provide keen insight into your sales efforts by providing information that is not readily available in the standard reports in the CRM.

Database Management

Effective CRM database management will enable you to expand, optimize, segment, and activate your customer data across all marketing channels and platforms.  AIM will help you unleash the power of your data and provide you the ability to reach prospective buyers and potential sellers and bring them into your dealership

Database Marketing

Our team of CRM experts will help you access your CRM data on the three primary lines of opportunities usually unmanaged in a dealership:

  1. Service Customer Opportunities
  2. Lease end opportunities
  3. In Equity Customers

CRM Organization

As part of the CRM organization, AIM will help define how you look at your database, including:

  • Clients who are in communication with your staff.
  • Manager involvement with contacted clients.
  • Clients with whom you have appointments scheduled.
  • Clients who visited you and require follow-up.

Sales Process Improvement

  • business process improvement
  • workflow efficacy
  • sales team effectiveness.
The AIM program is unique and has successfully transformed underperforming dealerships across the country into market leaders.

"For over 19 years we have helped dealers navigate the changes in the industry and we are ready to partner with you in 2022."

William Phillips
Founder & CEO


Client Testimonials

We thought that we had a good handle on our sales process, but Bill and his team showed us where we were leaving money on the table. 

The biggest benefit that AIM provides for my dealerships is that they hold my team accountable.  Having an experienced outside team review our results has helped us grow and improve.  We are up over 200 units this year over last year in the middle of an inventory crisis. 

LA Car Guy Auto Group, Los Angeles CA


Our CRM is the backbone of our sales process, and the AIM CRM audit helped us identify issues and then showed us how to correct them. 

If you are looking to find missed opportunities, then the CRM Audit will help you find them. Our closing ratio has improved across the board after the audit.

Since launching our partnership with AIM, our closing ratio on sales business has doubled to over 16%, and our store has gone from #41 to #17 in national sales rank. Our ROI has gone up, and our cost per sale has gone down. I know what is happening with every lead that comes into my store – I don’t need a Save-A-Deal meeting anymore.

Lindsay Volkswagen, Sterling VA

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AIM is the Nation’s #1 Dealership Accountability Firm and has helped hundreds of dealers  increase sales and customer satisfaction.